black la chamba pottery

iconic black la chamba ceramics, hand made in tolima, columbia with clay from the shores of the rio magdalena river. each piece is dried in the sun, polished with precious stones, fired, then smoked using a secret combination of dried local spices to give the pottery its iconic black colour.


small oven pot - 23cm x 17cm x 14cm tall

medium oven pot - 25cm x 21cm x 17cm tall

large oven pot - 27cm x 23cm x 20cm tall

small oven dish - 23cm x 18cm x 4.5cm tall

medium oven dish - 37cm x 25cm x 5cm tall

large oven dish - 46cm x 35cm x 8cm tall

small oven dish with ears - 26cm x 18cm x 6cm tall

medium oven dish with ears - 38cm x 27cm x 8cm tall

large oven dish with ears - 34cm x 28cm x 12cm tall

small oven bowl - 30cm x 4cm tall

medium oven bowl - 33cm x 4.5cm tall

large oven bowl - 35cm x 5.5cm tall

each piece is unique, so dimensions are approximate.


black la chamba pottery