huge old kantha quilts

hand stitched old kantha quilts. kantha is a traditional east indian technique of intricately sewing layers of fabric, (often old saris) in a patchwork, with distinctive running stitches. it's one of the oldest forms of embroidery, dating back to 1,500 bc.

1 - intricate woollen crewelwork embroidery, with a floral buta design. 226cm x 146cm.

2 - huge hand stitched and appliquéd quilt. 270cm x 232cm

3 - green striped kantha with blanket stitch embroidery. 134cm x 242cm

4 - embroidered kantha with delicate chain stitches. 240cm x 156cm

5 - blue kantha quilt with tiny embroidered repeat pattern. 240cm x 158cm

6 - pattern patchwork kantha. 230cm x 160cm

7 - citrus kantha quilt. 240cm x 154cm

8 - multicoloured kantha. 228cm x 158cm

all measurements are approximate guides.


huge old kantha quilts