bags of baileys chocolates

we’ve been selling our bags of chocolates for over fifteen years so they’ve been truly tried and tested. they’re hand made in france and belgium for us using the finest fair trade raw ingredients. 

milk or dark chocolate candied orange sticks - 145g

olives de provence - roasted vanilla almonds with dark and white chocolate. 185g

almighty chocolate almonds - white, milk and dark chocolate coated almonds. 185g

ginger balls - crystallized ginger, enrobed in a layer of rich, dark chocolate. 180g

sea salt caramel truffles -160g

nougatine almonds - almonds with a bourbon-vanilla cane sugar and provence herb nougatine. 155g

chocolate coated coffee beans - dark and white chocolate. 175g

mean almonds - almonds inside a thin layer of nougatine, coated in dark chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa. 165g

durance pebbles - almonds coated in nougatine, arabica coffee dark chocolate, with a white chocolate shell. 185g

cognac raisins - raisins macerated in cognac, enrobed in dark chocolate. 200g

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bags of baileys chocolates